What a Dahlicious Day!

26th September 2014


This week has been a great fun filled week. We had a fantastic and fantabulous Roald Dahl dress up day and raised over £200 for the Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity to help seriously ill children. This was an amazing achievement but we did have the added incentive of a chance of winning an amazing Willie Wonka cake, courtesy of Katy Watson. Adam in Year 6 was the lucky winner and he very kindly brought most of it in the following day to share with his class. What a thoughtful individual! Our school was a riot of colour and inventiveness as each class was filled with Oompa Loompas, BFGs, Fantastic Mr Foxes, Matilda’s, Golden tickets, giraffes,  Violet Beauregard’s, crocodiles, Charlie Buckets not to mention witches, spidermen and an assortment of fairies and princesses. All our families and staff went to so much trouble but it was so worth it as the children had a fabulous time. I must admit I had difficulty recognising our children under all the face paint and wigs. Thank you all so much for making our day so special and really fizz-whizzing! Take a look at the stunning pictures and I think you will agree.


Our Reception class continue to amaze us all and Mrs Armstrong thought I would want to know how kind Sharon and Lucy have been this week and what good friends they are to all their classmates. She also felt I should know how well Lilly had managed getting changed, quickly after PE, all by herself. What superstars you all are. Mrs Robson, Mrs Hamil and Mrs Williamson were just amazed with the fantastic effort George, Adil, Zac, Arun and Tanan have out into their PE work with Miss Jones and their skills are developing beautifully! Well done all of you. Year 2 were on a trip to Bamburgh so they will need a double mention next week. In Year 3 Mrs Robinson and Mrs Dunn were delighted with Paige and her great effort with her dinosaur diary. They also mentioned Lauren for her fantastic effort and determination with her maths. Brilliant! I am so very proud of you both.  In Year 4 Ms Taylor was knocked out by the amazing maths work Erin produced. You are clever Erin and I think Year 6 better watch out! In year 5 Ms Gorsky has been very impressed with Drew and how well his concentration is developing and it is showing in his work. Great news Drew, keep it up! Ms Gorsky was bowled over by the original and thoughtful story Leon had written in his reading log. You amaze me Leon! Mrs Andrews in Year 6 showed me the beautifully and detailed reading journals that Kyle and Jack S have been working on.  Most impressive! She also wanted me to know how hard Neil is trying to complete his maths work independently. That just shows how mature you are becoming Neil! Well done!


Top attending class this week with Year 2 with 99% and they gain 5 minutes extra playtime.


Last year we had 18 children with 100% attendance for the whole year and we have entered their names into a hat to win Newcastle Eagles basketball tickets. First out of the hat were Dean and Ruby B. Congratulations!

Year 1 rounded the week off with an amazing cake sale raising over a staggering £120 whcih willlgo towards class resources and supporing activies. Thank you to the class all the parents for their help.

I think this term is shaping up to be a wonderful start to our school year. I am sure next week will be full of wonderful achievements by our amazing children.  Enjoy your week.


Karen Elliott