What a Drama!

15th October 2014


       I have had a wonderful time this week visiting classroom and sampling the learning experience of the children. It has been a real privilege watching the children learn and seeing their enthusiasm for their work whether it be talking about measuring pumpkins in Reception or getting to grips about what it was like to be in an Anderson Shelter in Year 6. Nursery have had a lovely time mixing paint colours. Year 1 were writing quite stiff letters to the ugly sisters about how they had treated Cinderella, Year 2 were physically building the scene for the Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch complete with sound effects, Year 3 were doing some really tricky numeracy as well as getting dinosaurs to a safe place, Year 4 were, Year 5 were writing a diary entry as if they were Howard Carter as he opened Tutankhamen’s tomb. Year 1 have been doing some drama about their fairy tales and hot seating wicked witches and step mothers! Year 2 have done some great drama based on the story of Grace Darling and her heroic rescue mission. Year 6 have been using drama to explore the theme of conflict as part of the project this term and produced some very thought provoking work.  Exciting times!


It was lovely to see so many of you at the Year 1 and Year 2 open afternoon. Thank you for completing your questionnaire on your child’s transition. This will really help us finely tune your child’s experience as they move through our school. Nursery and Reception had a visit from he school nurse who helped them learn how to wash their hands. Year 5 are working with the European Space Agency on a project and did some super work called “Make it to the Moon” which fits beautifully into their space topic. Year 2 and Year 3 visited the People’s Theatre to take part in a book show. They had a fantastic time and were complemented on their behaviour. Year 6 have been out and about in the school grounds categorising the plants as part of their science work.



Mrs Armstrong has been amazed with Hadassah’s super story telling which had a beginning, a middle and an end! How clever you are! She also wanted me to know how hard Harry has been working to write his letters correctly. What superstars!  In Year 1 Mrs Robson and Mrs Williamson have been really impressed with how hard George, Zac, Adil, Arun, Tanan and Kizzi are trying with their handwriting. Well done all of you. Mrs Knowles, in Year 2, has been really impressed with Max, Hannah, Himshu and Joe and their writing about Grace Darling. Well done!  In Year 3 Mrs Robinson and Mrs Dunn have been knocked out by the wonderful writing Suzy and Charlie have been working on. I am so proud of you. Meanwhile in Year 4 Ruby B has produced some excellent homework, Leah has written a great poem about Pandora’s Box and Alice has made super progress with her multiplication. What achievements! Ms Taylor also mentioned Alana, Mahfuz, Mehmetcan, Adam, Connor, Hiven and Rihanna for the brilliant progress they have made with Quick sticks. You have really impressed Ms Jones and me.  In Year 5 Ms Gorsky wanted me to know about the great story writing Alice has been working on. Well done. She also told me of the super progress Joel, Danny, Hamed and Elin have made in their fraction work. Great news! In Year 6 Mrs Andrews has been very impressed with the standard of homework that Jenny has produced and with the really interesting letter Lauren wrote about the trenches. Amazing, where do you get your ideas from?



I can’t wait to welcome you all to our Book Fair and hearing your views about our school and how we can make an even better learning environment for our wonderful children.  Enjoy your week.


Karen Elliott