Year 4 Kate Pankhurst Workshop

28th March 2018
Testing...testing...,123 this is Jasmine Guan on the school website;the first time a pupil has taken over the Chilli Road website.
So today we actually met KATE PANKHURST,who is the great,great,great grandfather's, brother's, son's wife of the legendary EMMELINE PANKHURST!
Kate is the author of 'Fantastically great women who changed the world.' This is a book we have been investigating since our book week and one which you really should read if you haven't already.
Hello, this is Gwen M H Richardson reporting on our great morning at the city library. My highlight was drawing with Kate and getting the copy of my book signed.
Now it's Elli Watson reporting back from the amazing outing Year 4 and 6 had today. I enjoyed watching several lucky ducks (lucky children) getting dressed up as famous women from the past.
Hi,it is Stella now. Kate did a drawing lesson with us and we drew suffragettes inspired by Emmeline Pankhurst. She gave us some info on how she draws and one of them was that she always starts with the head. The end result looked great !
Hi its Charlie, the first boy pupil writing in this takeover plan. The Kate thingy ma bobby was fun. I liked it when Tino and Jason dressed up as well as getting my book signed. 
Over and out,
Chilli Roaders!